Acne may result from blockage of the skin pores, over production of oil or breakage and bacterial invasion. But other underlying issues for this symptoms can also be from hormonal changes like in puberty or conditions like having polycystic ovaries affecting menstrual cycle.


However, emotional distress, loss of confidence and scarring are just among the few challenges in having acne. It is not a surprise that different products and treatments no matter the cost have captured the attention of both the young and the adults experiencing acne problems.

Some prefer oral medications like antibiotics, hormone replacement therapy or topical products like creams in addition to direct skin procedures in dermatological clinics. But in later years, recurrence and worsening acne conditions have been reported and linked to common personal care products like hair sprays or common bath soaps.

Despite the many medical treatments revolutionized over the years for acne regardless of severity, it remains to be a persistent problem for many. Nowadays patients are looking at solutions beyond medications or facial treatments that is costly and oftentimes inconvenient.

Recent studies showed a distinct relationship between diet and acne breakouts. This shifted the focus to alternative treatments that are less invasive and cost effective in the hopes that it could even be preventive measures for future acne problems.

There is even an ongoing debate on whether diet aggravates acne conditions as some food types promote inflammation and worsen acne problems. So does healthier food choices like fruits and vegetables really have the capacity to lessen acne breakouts? What are those food types that we should steer clear of? Below are the basic reminders to help control or remedy acne problems. These diet guidelines had been around for quite some time but recently have been supported by several studies published in journals.


Avoid Fatty Foods

Older myths that includes totally avoiding fatty or oily foods still dominates the picture. So it is not a surprise that a history of junk food and high consumption of fast food products was associated with past acne problems or recurring ones. A bag of nuts may leave a strong evidence in your face the next day when compared with a handful of berries.

Moderation is the key

Sweets like pastries or chocolate as well as sugar-rich beverages should be taken in moderation if totally unavoidable. A study showed that even dairy, whey protein or 5–6 glasses of milk consumption proved to be an exacerbating factor for current acne breakouts.

Right choice of products

Skin care products may be labeled as dermatologically tested, for sensitive skin, for oily skin or acne prevention. But it is worth the effort to move past marketing claims into your own personal experience. Choose what is suitable after careful evaluation and upon the advice of experts and not from promotional ads.

Although it is a given fact that other physiological factors like genetics, hormones and environmental conditions such as pollution or stress greatly influence acne breakouts we need to grasp the importance of giving our focus on things we can otherwise control.

In summary, there is a continuous search for the right treatment with regards to acne problems. But as we have known that ever since the body has the power to fight off, heal or repair, we need to give our support for it to do that job. A balance meal of fruits and vegetables, and the discipline for moderation of fatty or oily foods partnered with proper hygiene can surely take our acne problems to a lesser extent if not totally eliminate it.


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